Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sustainable Bike Outreach Tour

Sustainable Bike Outreach Tour Enthusiasts!


In efforts to form a greater sense of and educate communities and schools about "sustainability" and protecting our environment, 17 Naturalists volunteers from California based Jean-Michel Cousteau's "Ambassadors of the Environment"(AOTE) Environmental Education programs are biking along the California coast (San Fransisco to San Diego) embarking on our 2nd annual SUSTAINABLE BIKE OUTREACH TOUR.

Along our route we are educating about 2,000 students in close to 30 different schools with outreach activities: interactive pictorial tours of our journey entitled Touring our Communities with an Eco Perspective as well as hands-on workshops such as Cooperation through Team Building, Students Guide to Protecting our Coasts, Greening Your School, Growing Your Own School Gardening and Composting Program and many other restoration projects.

Our Mission:
Our team’s mission is to continue promoting sustainable living and community building in our present and future AOTE schools’ home communities. Our overall aim is to provide educational and inspirational programming that enhances students’ ecological awareness and further encourages them to make positive contributions to their communities. By delivering our program via bicycles, we demonstrate our commitment to alternative transportation and sustainability.


To learn more about "Ambassadors of the Environment" (AOTE) programs please visit the following websites, or contact Karen Keltner phone: (805) 899-8899


We look forward to hearing back from you and your schools and hope that we will see you soon along our SUSTAINABLE BIKE OUTREACH TOUR.

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